Your personal Adoption Consultant can help you reduce Adoption Risks by:

  • Assisting you in hiring qualified adoption professionals—agency, attorney, home study resource, birth mother counselor.You should beware of come-ons from professionals who seem to have a great abundance of birth mothers or who will “guarantee a baby in a very short time period. Non-refundable up front fees for a quick turn around don’t pass the smell test!
  • Guiding you to the appropriate informational and educational resources.It is very important to read as much as you can. You should become educated about adoption, know where to start, where to stop and when to walk away.
  • Assisting in verifying pregnancy and due date of a birth mother.A copy of a written pregnancy verification from a medical professional is a must and a release of medical records should be provided to your professionals.
  • Talking with your birth mother’s medical care providers personally to obtain information concerning her health and general care. Assist in arranging for you to attend a prenatal appointment with her. Begin structuring a hospital plan. It is very important that your birth mother advise her medical care provider of her adoption plan. Not wanting to do so may be a red flag! Making a hospital plan will make the birth and hospital experience more pleasant for every one involved . Unspoken expectations can destroy an adoption.
  • Assist in making sure your adoption professionals are doing everything necessary to seek out the birthfather as soon as possible!The birth father may not be interested in an adoption plan . He may just need some counseling. He may want to be involved in the adoption process and feel left out.