We came to adoption through our love of children and family. We never thought any birthmother would choose us. We are a non-traditional family. Debra never waivered in her support of us…she believed in us more than we believed in ourselves. She gave us the guidance and confidence to travel this road and we have the most incredible daughter. Erica has been with us since her birth and has brought more joy into our lives than we could have ever dreamed.

Ray, James and Erica

We always knew we were meant to become parents. Through Debra’s guidance we became the family we wanted to be. We heard about Debra through friends who had used her services. We were unsure if we could afford this luxury. Working with Debra saved us so much heartache and lost funds! She was everything our friends told us and more.

Peggy and James

My husband, Michael and I have been blessed by the miracle of adoption four times. I can honestly say that ALL of the adoption situations we have been involved with have been successful. I am frequently asked why or how we have been so lucky and I always have the same answer: I had the most incredible professional on earth! In our family, Debra Vinson is one stop below God, as she has been a true miracle worker who simply refused to allow any potential obstacle to stand in the awy of our successful adoption. This is how every adoptive parent should feel about their professionals.

Elizabeth and Michael

I have known Debra for over a decade. She has a wealth of knowledge in the field of adoption. She pays careful attention to detail and is always available to the clients with whom she works. She is a dedicated professional, who keeps up-to-date in changes in the world of adoption. In addition, Debra is a wonderful, warm and supportive woman who wants the best for those around her.

Kathy Brodsky
Director, Ametz Adoption Program, JCCA

Debra and I have worked together over a number of years, both in the field of adoption. She has been a wonderful person with whom to work, as she very informed about adoption issues as well as changes in adoption laws and practices over the years. She is prompt with answers and if need be, quick to return telephone calls. She has a vast amount of experience with adoptions and has provided excellent guidance to me as well as to clients we have had in common. She is an excellent “go to” person about the ins and outs of the adoption process.

Brad Carpenter
LMSW-AP, Tarrant County

My husband and I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Debra on our adoption journey this year. We are now the proud parents of a beautiful daughter! Hiring Debra was the best decision we could ever have made during our adoption process. The personalized advice, attention and support we received were invaluable. Debra is a pleasure to work with and consistently demonstrated kindness and compassion. She was able to guide us step-by-step to understand the adoption process, paperwork, and the best avenues to locating prospective birthmothers. We firmly believe we would not have the blessing of our baby girl had it not been for the services provided by Debra. She is our hero!

Christiane Kalinowski
October 18, 2009