As an independent adoption consultant, Debra Vinson, with her many years of adoption experience, will help your family through the adoption process. You will receive guidance and advice in formulating an adoption plan to arrive at your goal of building your family. Do you have a strict budget? Do you have an adoption home study? Do you want your child to look like you? Do you want to have contact with your child’s birth family? Do you have an appropriate support network? Have you told your family about your plans to adopt? Debra will help you clarify these areas and then formulate a plan for creating an adoption plan unique to your family. A professional Adoption Consultant can provide you with some or all of the following services:

  • Meet with prospective parents, in person or by telephone conference, to discuss family needs and circumstances.
  • Give you assistance with formulating an adoption plan, unique to your family, after completion of an Adoption Questionnaire and initial consultation.
    Your personal Adoption Consultant will give you unbiased guidance, advice and referral to appropriate child placing professionals.
  • Provide you with guidance in locating the most appropriate Home Study Service provider. Your consultant will also give you support and help you prepare for coping with the Home Study process.
  • Your Adoption Consultant will give you guidance in gathering and maintaining control of the required documentation. The information you provide is personal and you will want to maintain control of all documentation.
  • Your personal Consultant will assist with decision making and guidance in finding the path best suited to building your family through adoption.
  • Generally a Birth Parent letter, book or web page is required and your Consultant can give you guidance in preparation of these items. This information is very important, because this is the information a birth parent will use to choose you to raise her child.
  • You will only have one chance to make a first impression. This is a very competitive area and it is important to have a personal Adoption Consultant to help you accomplish your plan to bring a child into your family.