New Beginnings was founded by Debra Vinson to help families through their adoption journey. Debra has nearly 30 years of experience in adoption. She managed an adoption agency for many years before co-founding a non-profit adoption agency where she served as Executive Director. During her years with adoption agencies Debra met many wonderful couples. All of the couples she worked with knew they wanted to build their family. Most were not armed with the necessary information and adoption education to complete their journey.

The road to adoption can frequently be bumpy. An adoption consultant can help families avoid the pitfalls and unnecessary costs of decisions based solely on emotions. Couples are generally unprepared for the enormous amount of documentation required and the reasons for all of the paperwork …. after all …. they are wonderful people who would give a child a warm and loving home and a great life. A personal adoption consultant can give families the guidance they need to begin their journey with information and education. This will allow an appropriate adoption plan to formulated, unique to each families needs. Ultimately, the goal of creating an adoption plan is to become a parent.

Your Personal Adoption Consultant will not facilitate an adoption or provide any legal service or advice. An Adoption Consultant cannot provide any service that must be provided by an Agency, Social Worker or certified Adoption Service Provider.

Debra is a co-author of the highly acclaimed book, “Empowered Adoption”. Through this written work she and her co-authors have provided guidance, education and a lot of “behind the scenes” information that other professionals just don’t give to families. Debra will provide you with a copy of this book at the beginning of your journey together.

New Beginnings is a comprehensive consultation and education service created to provide a deeper understanding of adoption processes.
Adoption is a lifelong journey, not a “phase to get through”, therefore you should use all of the resources available to you. Your personal consultant can also provide you with information concerning appropriate support systems after you bring your wonderful bundle joy home.

Call me today so we can discuss your plan. I would love to help you build your family. By working together we can make this a very positive experience that will lead to a life filled with love, laughter and joy.